Toyota Land Cruiser 150 AT38

The powerful Arctic Trucks LC150 AT38 combines great off-road capabilities, comfort and half a century of experience and modern technology. This tough and reliable car gives you the opportunity to experience the Icelandic highlands in great comfort.

Engine: 2,7L or 3,0L Diesel
Gearbox: 5 speed automatic or 6 speed manual
Tires front/rear: AT405 38x15.50R15
Rims: Arctic Trucks 15x12.5
   Length: 4.4760mm + 150mm for grill guard
   Width: 2.200mm
   Height: 2.000mm + 170mm for roof rack
Wheelbase: 2.935mm
Fuel tank: 90L
Net weight: appr. 2.150 kg.




Arctic Trucks Experience

Only few people have had the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a powerful 4x4 in one of the world’s most unique places. Arctic Trucks has now made it possible to experience the remote areas of Iceland in guided self-drive tours, driving cars like those used in the well-known BBC television show Top Gear, in their journey to the Magnetic North Pole.

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